All in Days Work: JLL Rescues Cat

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Office buildings are filled with all sorts of sounds, but one particular noise recently caught the attention of a tenant in a JLL managed building in Maryland Heights. After some investigation, it was determined the sound belonged to a distraught kitten who was calling out from a below grade storm-water drain pipe where he was trapped. The kitten appeared to have fallen into the drain from the roof. The only way out was for him to climb back to the top, which wasn’t a viable option, or to come out a drain below the parking lot.

In comes JLL. The property manager, Emily Stahr, assigned to the building knew it was important to assist the distressed animal in finding his way out. The fire department first tried to rescue him, but with no success. JLL then called a plumber to help resolve the situation. The kitten wasn’t within reach so a camera was snaked through the pipe to where the he was trapped. They determined they needed to try to gently flush him out, hoping the water would push him closer to the drain’s outlet where they could reach him. But, as the water flowed, he would swim against the current and fight it. It was feared that too much water may wear down the kitten, so the only option left was to dig a hole, cut the pipe, and remove the cat.

Word quickly spread throughout the office about the efforts to save the corralled kitten; resulting in a growing crowd of about 30 onlookers who anxiously hoped for the animal’s safe escape. Finally, after digging out the section of pipe, the cat was pulled out and brought to safety. Needless to say, the tenant and bystanders were thrilled to see him saved. The once displaced kitten even found his new forever home with someone from the building!

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