6 Eating Habits Changing the Food Industry

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Today’s diners want high-quality food in a well-designed environment. A clean food chain that is a locally sourced product, recycled with technology embedded. And they want to pay and pick-up quickly.

1 Super Casualization  Gone are the days of booking reservations months in advance or eating great food only from white table clothed restaurants. Hong Kong Soya Chicken Rice and Noodle, in one of Singapore’s hawker stalls, is the rst street food operator to receive one Michelin star, which shows the demand for super casualization exists.

2 Back to My Roots  Chefs are increasingly using traditional cooking methods with a modern twists on ingredients, preparation styles and techniques. Ekstedt in Stockholm uses primal, back-to-basics cooking to take the Nordic food movement in a new direction.

3 U-Turning  Restaurants have become complex, demanding more equipment and skill, but now they are returning to simplicity food once was. The Meatball Shop in New York prides itself on serving up good food with no strings attached.

4 Slow Cooking  Quality ingredients are becoming more costly, but slow cooking is one way restaurants have reduced overhead while still providing an appealing, quality menu. NURU in Mallorca features fusion treats like a meltingly tender Korean barbecue-style Angus rib, which has been slow cooked for 20 hours.

5 Trash is Cash  Chefs are turning to the waste bin rather than the fridge for inspiration, and recycling food for new purposes. Silo Brighton in the U.K., has a zero waste policy, everything is reused with scraps and trimmings turned into compost or new dishes.

6 Super Foods  Chia seeds, acai, spirulina, seaweed and goji berries we’re once obscure ingredients that are now mainstream eats that provide true health bene ts. Element Fresh in China dedicates much of its menu to super food combinations to bring health to its 14 restaurants.

6 Eating Habits Chaning the Food Industry

Source: ICSC, JLL

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